You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the HoloRoam AR experience here.

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What is HoloRoam?

HoloRoam is a spatial AR experience APP that brings fun augmented reality experiences to life. You can check out the Immersive AR Experiences information and enjoy in the spatial interactive experience.

HoloRoam App supports most of IOS and Android mobile phone devices, if you are using IOS devices, please go to Appstore to search for “HoloRoam” to download; if you are using Android devices, please go to Googleplay store to search for “HoloRoam” to download.
Reminder: Some mobile phones may not be able to download or experience the HoloRoam APP because software system or hardware specifications do not match the HoloRoam APP’s requirements, sorry for the inconvenience.

Currently, HoloRoam APP supports Apple iphone 8 and above, and Android phone needs to support Google ARcore service, if you want to make sure that your Android phone can be used, please go to Googleplay store directly to search for “HoloRoam”, and if it can be downloaded, if Googleplay page shows that it can’t be downloaded, it means that the system of your device doesn’t match with the requirements of the HoloRoam APP and it will lead to the inability to download or experience it, sorry for the inconvenience.

The HoloRoam AR experience requires camera permissions and GPS permissions to process AR-related experience features, and photo album permissions to save photos and videos in your phone’s photo album.

Please check whether your camera permission for HoloRoam APP is turned on, you can go to “Application Permission” in “Settings” of your phone to confirm; if it is turned on but still can’t be experienced, please provide us with your phone model number for further inquiry, thank you.

If you are already at the event site, this is usually due to a positioning error of the mobile phone, please reboot the mobile phone and let it be calibrated.
Positioning Error and GPS Correction:
Step 1: Open “Settings” and go to “Location Services”.
Step 2: Please turn off the GPS service and wait for about 20 seconds before turning it on again to reload the location.
If it is already turned on but still cannot be experienced, please provide us with your phone model number for further inquiry, thank you.

After arriving at the AR event site, please click the “Start” button on the corresponding activity page and follow the guiding steps to scan the designated image or space to locate and start the spatial augmented reality (AR) experience.

The reason for the shaking or shifting of the AR experience content is related to the phone’s temporary memory and computing power.
If your experience screen appears to be lagging and the AR content is drastically shaking, it is recommended that to close other apps before experiencing AR as this may improve your experience.

Please rotate 360 degrees to check whether the AR content is in the space near you or behind you, if there is no AR content at all, it may be due to the following reasons:
(1) Tentative memory overflowing: Close the other app or reopen the phone to improve the situation.
(2) Device memory is too full: your phone has too many photos, videos, apps, so that the capacity is overloaded, if this is the problem, you will need to delete some of the content in your phone.

Suggested way to rule out:
First close the temporary memory of the experience (IOS is to close all windows by tapping the Home button twice or pulling up, Android is to close all windows by tapping the lower right corner), if it still can’t be improved, it can be initially determined that the memory of the personal device is overfilled, and we suggest that the experience user can delete some apps or videos and photos that can’t be used.
If it still can’t be experienced, that would be a specific case problem, please provide us with the phone info for further research.

You can use “Camera” to take photos during the AR experience, or click the “Record” button to switch to recording mode. The photos and videos will be automatically saved to your phone’s photo album.

At present, HoloRoam APP is mainly used to calculate AR experience through the rear lens of the mobile device, and the experience related to the front lens is not yet released.

Initially, it may be due to hard disk space limitations. It is recommended that you close all other applications on your phone and reopen HoloRoam if you encounter this situation.

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