We use Kiosk and AR technology to bring digital content and services into physical spaces, providing all customers with immersive digital reality advertising and exhibition experiences that are fast to build, efficient to spread, and environmentally friendly.

Product Features

City-level digital reality deployment

HoloRoam is committed to creating immersive and high-likability digital reality experiences. Through 3D Web, AR, and Kiosk machines, digital content and services can be integrated into physical spaces, providing customers with fast construction, efficient dissemination, and environmentally-friendly AR immersive reality advertising and exhibition activities.

Smart retail OMO solution

HoloRoam can establish digital reality experience and service functions for merchants' existing spaces, attracting users to specific locations or stores, realizing a complete offline-to-online (OMO) integration experience, guiding foot traffic, and improving target conversion. In addition to creating high-traffic events, it can also understand the effectiveness of activities through the customer service system to grasp the behavior information of the experiencer.

Cross-device and diverse experience services

Through cross-device system features, we provide multiple experience modes that integrate smart phones, AR glasses, and motion-sensing wristbands, covering cutting-edge exhibition applications and popularized business applications.

Service Introduction

Immersive AR Experience APP Service

No matter what kind of physical events such as exhibitions, concerts, and markets, you can enter the AR immersive reality scene through the Holoroam APP, creating more interaction between the experiencer and the event!

Immersive AR Experience Design and Production

Holoroam's professional AR curation team has rich experience in AR experience production. According to the characteristics and needs of the venue, we can create the most exciting AR exhibition experience for you.

Data Effectiveness Analysis

Through the data analysis system, the effectiveness of the immersive AR experience is presented, allowing you to grasp the key effectiveness indicators such as AR event experience flow, interaction rate, conversion rate, etc., and further understand the preferences and profiles of experiencers through user data analysis.

Full Immersive Sensory Exhibition Application

Through the integration of AR glasses, motion-sensing bracelets, Kiosk machines, and smartphones, HoloRoam provides solutions for marketing and business exhibition applications, creating the most immersive virtual and real experience with cutting-edge technology!