DBS Discovery Journey

🚀 Taiwan DBS Bank Collaborates with Digi Space, Transforming Corporate Onboarding Experience through AR Technology! 🌟We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Taiwan DBS Bank in leveraging the co-creative power of augmented reality. Through the HoloRoam app, we are presenting an engaging and surprising AR experience called “DBS Discovery Journey” in light of the merger between DBS Bank and Citibank.Teaming up with Taiwan DBS Bank, we have crafted an immersive AR event that redefines how corporate engagements take place. From inspiring CEO speeches to intriguing mystery knowledge boxes, we’ve captivated the curiosity of DBS Bank’s new associates, allowing them to delve into the bank’s rich history and corporate culture. Project Title: DBS Discovery Journey
Client: DBS Taiwan

Project Execution: Digi Space Co., Ltd.
Project Highlights: Through AR geolocation and 3D dynamic presentation techniques, we have created multiple interactive AR checkpoints and experiential scenes. These enable the bank’s newcomers to swiftly grasp key aspects such as the leadership team, corporate culture, and pivotal historical moments of DBS Bank.
(This event is not open to the public.)