MT Marvelous Territory

The new concept clothing brand MT is launched and the “MT Marvelous Territory” multi-dimensional immersive special exhibition

The most avant-garde and unique fashion AR exhibition in history has made its grand debut in Taiwan! Digi Space, the well-known AR digital curatorial team in Taiwan collaborates cross-border collaboration with well-known Taiwanese designer DC Hsin Yin Chang in the haute couture industry and contemporary fashion artist mmiT to jointly build a fashionable virtual and real scene that conveys the brand spirit, combined with the new high-end customization The avant-garde and novel MT Marvelous Territory” immersive fashion XR interactive art concept pop-up store was held at “NOKE Zhongtaile Life” in Taipei with physical exhibits such as trendy brands and high-end custom-made boutique clothing. It also opened up personal and fashion, virtual and A new dialogue space between realities, it will be on display from 2023/11/10 to 2024/01/10. You can experience the AR reality show for free on site, and sell brand trendy clothing at the same time.

The combination of this fashion brand clothing release and AR reality technology will not only bring new meaning exploration space and surprise experience to the participants, but also hope to create an XR cross-domain exhibition case that is in line with the ESG environment and sustainable, through digital Media materials construct display exhibits, create a surreal spatial atmosphere and an experience mode that emphasizes interaction, reduce or replace the disposable consumables of traditional exhibitions, and can be quickly moved and copied to different physical exhibition venues, bringing benefits to subsequent extensions and diffusion. More benefits.

Exhibition Area A | Undersea Fantasy
The human heart is like the sea. In the depths, the sea of ​​glass flowers is the motto of love between you and me. A pair of colorful sharks swim gracefully and comfortably in the distance, surrounding and guarding them. The dreamy lustrous pearls are intertwined with wonderful light and shadow because they are connected to your heart. This is the strange world of MT (M-THEORY). Your soul mate is constantly inviting you to dance with you in the light and shadow.

Exhibition Area B |Heart of the Ocean
Traveling to the middle of the ocean, the “Heart of the Ocean” exhibition area is the core of the fantasy world. The living spring of life flows here, taking you back to your first love in tranquility and blooming your new life. At first glance, the heart shining like a gem in the middle is the M-THEORY brand’s LOGO. It represents the existence of eternal blessings and love. Love is the only power that can truly heal and solve anything. The endlessly growing giant strange garden, the crystal clear floating water brings the pulse of life, filling the whole space with the breath of life. Here, you will feel the warmth of love, and we look forward to your participation in recording this wonderful life together.

Exhibition Area C | Sea Waves
Passing through the shark’s mouth and stepping into the “sea wave” area, it feels like crossing the boundary of the real world. Here, the phantom of the sea shines in the interplay of glass light and shadow, fantasy sharks play in the blue sea, cloud jellyfish dance beside you, the cute babyshark is the happy messenger of this wonderland, touching the hearts of every viewer . Everything here has some kind of power, taking you on a journey to experience the mysterious beauty of the ocean.

Date: November 10, 2023 to January 10, 2024
Location: NOKE 3F (Uncanny) – 4F (NOKE STEP, Tsutaya Bookstore)
(No. 200, Lequn 3rd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)